Access Control

Access Control System

Access control is used for a wide variety of situations, from protecting your home to monitoring visitors to commercial buildings, and industrial estates. In the last few years, the access control sector has evolved dramatically in sophistication and functionality. There are a wide range of access control units available ensuring that you can find one that suits your exact needs.

We install access control systems for residential, commercial, retail and industrial clients and have an extensive range of brands. We offer the most sophisticated  and advanced access control systems including remote control access control, biometric access control, swipe card, proximity cards, pin pads, wired, and wireless systems and any other feature or type you may want or need.

Types of access control for common use

Biometrics; Verifies an identity by analyzing a unique person

Smart Cards and Memory Cards

  • Memory Cards: Holds but cannot process information.
  • Smart Cards: Holds and can process information.

Door security can be very basic or it can utilize electronic devices such as keyed dead-bolt locks on the door, cipher locks, or physical tokens. A keyed dead-bolt lock is the same as one would use for a house lock. The cipher lock only allows access if one knows the code to unlock the door. Physical tokens will typically consist of an ID badge which can either be swiped for access, or they may instead contain a radio frequency identification tag (RFID) that contains information on it identifying the individual needing access to the door.

Video surveillance on closed circuit television allows for the recording of people who pass through a security checkpoint. This type of door security allows one to observe the individuals going through the checkpoint, as well as the date and time, which can be useful when trying to catch bad guys. Video surveillance can also be utilized in mantraps which is what I will discuss next.