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Mailing services has always been in demand. They work as a backbone of every platform for improving communication as well as connectivity. Hence, to depend upon the best and most amazing mailing platform, you can consider 'Yahoo'.

Brief of Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is a web based email service that is presented by the American Company Yahoo. It is basically free emailing service for personal and professional front. Yahoo was inaugurated in 1997 and being the largest web mail service provider, it gave wonderful services along with finest features.

What does free Yahoo Mail Version Provides?

  1. There is 1TB email storage capacity
  2. You get 25 MB email attachment limit
  3. There are 100 filters to automatically sort incoming messages
  4. You get spam and virus protection
  5. Advertising is displayed on the screen while working with the email account

As Yahoo mail is complete package of services, it makes emailing better each day. Besides, the mailing services & features, there are also several technical issues that come up in the mailing panel. Hence, a trustworthy team of experts and specialists are available who eliminate all problems from Yahoo comprehensively.

Highlighted Problem in Yahoo Mail Account

Problem: Buttons are not working when clicked in Yahoo Mail

Solution: Take these steps, if your Yahoo mail toolbar button does not work

  1. You just need to make sure that you are using latest version of your browser
  2. You need to clear the browser cache
  3. You can also disable your browsers add-ons and plug-ins
Problem: While composing your new Yahoo mail in the recipients email address you see, info@

Solution: This is the weird problem in Yahoo mail that requires immediate help from professionals. This can soon be eliminated if one approaches the right destination by dialing one and only Yahoo Phone number.

Problem: Unmerging Yahoo and AT&T account issues

Solution: Well, quite a lot user has been coming up with this complaint. So a customer care team is there to handle this issue, very well. The entire team of professionals is available to eliminate the problem through Yahoo Customer care number. You are just required to dial the number for attaining solution.

Problem: Difficulty in Accessing Yahoo Mail on Windows 10

Solution: These are certain highlighted problems in Yahoo mail that do occur and users are just confused with it. Besides, these commonly occurring problems, there are certain common glitches too, that needs customer support as soon as possible.

Effective Features of Customer Supports Number

Affordable services: You attain highly affordable customer service number for all problems in your email account.

Complete Satisfaction: We offer complete customer satisfaction, for eradicating all hindrances from Yahoo.

24/7 assistance: You attain fastest 24/7 technical assistance for complete solution.

Dynamic services: We offer completely dynamic services and support to complete satisfies users for hindrances in Yahoo.

Dynamic services: We do not let you wait; with our timely assistance we offer comprehensive support for all concern and glitches

The platform has been created as a third party mailing platform that offers complete and effective support. The hindrances are resolved by experts with proper and most significant steps. Our engineers also guide experts for technical complexities over phone support, chat support and Remote support.

Besides offering technical support, customer service by phone and features, Yahoo Mail’s redesigned interface is also highlighted. It is more elegant and powerful than the old one. Its customization options remain limited and also users cannot upload custom background image but they can change theme and color both of the image.

How to change the Yahoo Mail Interface Color?

  1. Click on the options gear in Yahoo! Mail.
  2. Now you can select themes from the menu that shows.
  3. Click on one of the images to see how your inbox will appear if you choose it.
  4. After that pick the desired interface theme or color.
  5. Click on Save.

How to Change the Yahoo! Mail Classic Interface Color

If you're using Yahoo! Mail Classic in its default interface, you can change its colors, as well:

  1. Now select options from the Yahoo! Mail Classic navigation bar
  2. Now follow colors link under options
  3. Now highlight the chosen color scheme
  4. Select a theme
  5. Click on save option
  6. Change Text Density

There is also one way to change mails appearance, take a look:

  1. Click your mouse over the gear icon
  2. Now you can choose settings option>after that view email from pop-up window
  3. choose Message list density from the option that appears
  4. Now click on Save

Contact Yahoo Customer Service Supports by Phone

Contacting the team of Yahoo customer service experts by phone is easy. Now users can directly get in touch with the professionals for receiving finest services through only a phone call. One can dial the Yahoo mail toll free number and the experts will contact you back as soon as possible.

There is no particular time to contact professionals of Yahoo. One can call them at anytime around the clock and on any day. We as a third party technical support renders for Yahoo mail offer fastest recovery.

Users can also contact officials of Yahoo directly at their official website and wait for expert’s response or can follow up the tutorial provided there. Else, if you want to attain immediate service over a phone call, then we are here to help you out. Explore our portal for Yahoo technical Solutions.


We are not associated with Yahoo directly and not even work with any other third party companies. We are an individual third party technical support company and we provide instant help to users for problems in their account. Being the most reputed organization in providing quick technical support, we resolve all major and common issues. We proudly eradicate issues through phone, chat and remote access. We have strictly used other party name, logo and trademarks only for reference purpose.

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