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Personal computer has changed the entire world in a positive way. It not only revolutionized the way we communicate but it also is the gate way to the new market. We use personal computers (PC) for various purposes like surfing the web, playing games, scientific calculations, storing information etc. PC is an important tool and has lot of confidential and important information. A PC can be used by any gender and age group, kids can use it to learn while elderly can use it to communicate with the distant relatives. The point is that PC is a part of our lives now. Even the size of PC has reduced from desktop to laptop and is easily usable at any place. A machine without issues is nearly a dream and so is the case of PC, the list of issues for PC has significantly decreased over time but not completely eliminated. Few of the issues you may come across are:

Virus Attacks

These are very common now days and are affecting personal computers in masses. Viruses may steal your data and misuse it or can also affect your PC hardware.

Window not functioning

A personal computer cannot function if the windows are not working. Window failure can be of various reasons like update required, driver failure, bios update failure, virus etc.

Slow System Speed

This could happen due to overloading of C drive and the space is really low for your personal computer to function.

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