Surveillance Cameras

We provide professional video surveillance camera systems, our professional trained installers and technicians will give you the latest high-tech equipment designed to meet the needs of your place.


DVR’s Installation, repairs and reset passwords to any digital video recorder.

Smart Home

Using Home Automation to turn your house into a Smart Home just got easier with the help of our technicians. Remote Control, Lighting Control, Whole Home Audio/Video IR Distribution, Surveillance and Security.


Intercom installation or intercom repair service. Quality intercom systems installation and offices or home intercom repair is our specialty for over 15 years.

Desktop Repair

Our Destop Systems are designed and installed with expertise and discipline, but we also make sure that our customers are well-trained to get the most out of their systems.

Intercom Repair

Our specialty is installing, repairing, and servicing customized security systems, whether they be small residential systems or large, commercial applications.
We are professionals intercom repair, on-time service offers 24/7 around the clock service in NYC.

Security Systems Service

Security Cameras by Geek Live Services is not just your standard, security camera installation, repair and maintenance company. Geek Live Services offer a variety of number of high quality services at the best prices, ensuring that you gain the best security camera services in town, all under one roof. Whether it is something as small as a DVR connection, or as large as a commercial security camera installation, we have you covered – literally.
Security Cameras NYC services include: Security camera installation, Security camera repair, Security system optimization, Intercom installation, Security camera wholesaling, DVR connections, DVR repairs, NVR installation, NVR repairs, SVR to internet connection, Configuring IP cameras, HS-SDI connections, CCTV wholesaling. With so many services, and more, we ensure that you never have to rely on multiple companies ever again. Available to both residential and commercial customers at the best price in NYC, our team of skilled, licensed, insured and experienced technicians will ensure you receive only the best in security camera services.

With years of experience in the sale, installation, repair, maintenance and optimization of security cameras, Geek Live Services Techs knows how to protect whats important to you. Combined with the best prices and customer service, Geek Live Services Company will provides security cameras that helps protect your home and business, one camera at a time.

We know that security cameras are of a paramount importance. In fact, according to a study by Community Orientated Policing Services (COPS), security cameras can help reduce crime by 58%. However, the study also suggested that it varies significantly on the placement, type of camera and the monitoring service. That is where we come in.

At Security Camara Systems NYC, our team of security experts and technicians will not only install the security cameras for you, they will ensure that they are installed in optimum positions.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras, CCTV Cameras, Video Surveillance Camera, Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, Hidden Cameras, Simulated Cameras. Security Cameras – Providing you with video footage of any events that may happen.

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Intercom Systems

Electronic security systems, burglar alarm systems and fire alarms for residential homes and commercial businesses worldwide.

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Bugler Alarem System for Home

Access Control Systems

3 Types Of Access Control System: Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

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Team Of Professionals

If you choose one of our security systems services you can be secure in the knowledge that you can access your CCTV cameras remotely via computer, tablet or smartphone to view footage, and are backed up by our lifetime 24/7 technical support guarantee. Our team of professionals will provide you with the best advice available and select only the most appropriate security equipment for your needs. For more information, quotations or suggestions, please contact us 646-362-2009 or email:

As part of our-ongoing effort to improve our service, our company decide to add locksmith service in NYC. We hope that the offer added value service in the New York City help our customers.